Agro Cleanpower 95

Our future transport sector must be fossil free - we all agreed about that in Sweden. To achieve this goal we need smarter transport and more vehicle efficiency. But above all, we need new fuels that can replace petrol and diesel.

There are many biofuels on the market today, and more are on the way. All fossil-free, all 100 % renewable. But it is not enough. The total environmental impact is determined by the entire process, from raw material to refueling. And we at Lantmännen Agroetanol are now launching a fuel for adapted diesel engine with better eco-effect than any other biofuel in the Swedish market. The difference is not just what we do. But how we do it.

Agro Clean Power 95
90 % reduction in Co2. 95 % bioethanol. 100 % Swedish.

Raw material
The raw material for Agro Cleanpower 95 manufactured by our owner, Swedish farmers . We transform wheat and other cereals to high-quality ethanol - and thus contribute to a responsible agriculture and make farming thrive.

We mean, why export our agricultural surpluses and import ethanol, when the resources are here with us? In addition, we now produce a part of our ethanol from residual products from the food industry to be more environmentally efficient.

Sweden's largest ethanol plant is located in Norrkoping. Here we have the capacity to produce 230,000 m3 of high-level ethanol a year, enough to run over 4,500 city buses. All our ethanol is certified according to ISCC to meet the EU's sustainability directives.

Thanks to an excellent energy balance at our facility utilized the grain in the best way. The process steam from the power plant and the adjacent parts of the raw material that does not become to ethanol is used as fermented protein feed. The carbon dioxide formed during the manufacturing is resold by AGA as carbonic acid. Taking advantage of all the flows are often called to optimize resource utilization . We call it pure sense!

With production facility in Norrköping and custody in Gävle, we are always close to our customers. We deliver Agro Cleanpower 95 as a finished fuel to bus operators and trucking companies .

Thanks to large-scale manufacturing and efficient distribution, we can help our customers to begin working towards a fossil transport sector today. Because as we all know - it is not possible to fill the tank with visions of the future.

Agro Cleanpower 95 causes no net addition of carbon dioxide when burned. Additionally, reduced emissions of carbon monoxide and harmful particulates, an important factor for a healthier urban environment.

In the entire process from field to tank, the use of Agro Cleanpower 95 generate a reduction in CO2 of up to 90%. It is better than any other biofuel on the market. And far above EU minimum requirements for ethanol of 35%. That's why we dare to call Agro Cleanpower 95 for Sweden's most sustainable biofuel. 

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