Ethanol has several usage areas but can be roughly divided into three areas, drinking alcohol, industrial alcohol and ethanol for fuel. Drinking booze is as it sounds, ethanol beverage consumption such as vodka. Industrial alcohol or technical alcohol includes washer fluid, carburettor spirit, solvents and other liquor types mainly used in industry.

Ethanol as a fuel has a potentially very large market. In Brazil, it is common that all "gasoline cars" tanks ethanol, either in pure form or as a mixed fuel with 20 to 25 percent ethanol. In the United States contains a large portion of the gasoline 10 percent ethanol and discussed raising the ethanol admixture to 15 percent.

In Sweden mixing 5 percent ethanol in regular gasoline. Sweden's annual consumption is around 250,000 m3 of ethanol for low admixture. Moreover, ethanol for E85, E95 and clean fuel ethanol, which have a combined market of over 100 000 m3 in Sweden .

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